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California's Online Vacancy Matching System.

This system was developed in 2007 for the members of the California Alliance of Child and Family Services (CACFS). The purpose has been to improve access to vacancies in foster family agencies, group homes and other facilities for County and State placement social workers and probation officers, thereby reducing the time that children and youth have to wait for an appropriate home. Access has now been expanded to include listings by any licensed residential program that wishes to announce its openings. Vacancies of CACFS member agencies that are accredited by the Alliance are so indicated on their vacancy pages.

The California Alliance of Child and Family Services is a statewide association of more than 130 private nonprofit child and family serving agencies committed to providing the highest quality services in the most caring and effective fashion. To learn more, and to consider membership, please visit the site.

The system was designed and is operated by LLC and Graham Wright M.Phil., M.S.W., who continues a lifelong career in California child welfare spanning County DSS line and management experience, founding directorship of a nonprofit placement agency, CDSS Stakeholder involvement, and program design. He is the creator, designer and operator of California's adoption matching system at California Kids Connection, and assists several agencies with their web site projects.

Vacancy listings are free for Alliance member agencies. Other licensed agencies pay just $10 per month for each of their openings. There is no cost at all for County and State placement staff.

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